Most of my recent 3d work is under contract and I cannot display it here because it is under a non-disclosure agreement. Here is some of my personal work in progress...

The dragon model is available for sale in the download section here


dragon model
inspired by Draco

a side full view of the dragon

I am still working on this creature as well. Texturing with UVW unwrap is very convenient for highly detailed textures.

preliminary texture     

with a fur texture     

I am currently working on different models. This is a alien creature that I have designed. I used Maya sub-division surfaces and low polygon to model it. I still need to finish the eye socket and the ear. This black eye is only temporary.


This is a low polygon human model in progress.


Some earlier work with Maya, 3dsMax and WorldBuilder.

This is a farm scene with wind animation simulation to promote the wind electrical power in the form of a PSA. This project was done for DeAnza College in Cupertino.

This scene was also made for the electrical wind power promotion, but was taking place in the water instead



This horse was modeled and texture in Maya with subdivision surfaces. The hair was created with Maya Paint Effect.

Animation of a character 3dsMax

Some little animatons that I did just for the fun of it.

This is in Quicktime .MOV format. To view, simply click on the thumbnail. A Quicktime player is needed if your browser does not have the capability to play Quicktime.

Some of my work created with 3dsMax. Some scene were also rendered using WorldBuilder communicator with 3dsMax.

WorldBuilder scenes with 3dsMax communication.

WorldBuilder scenes.


Some of my early work created with Vue d'Esprit and Bryce 3d.


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